We have caught the coding bug!

Fulneck students have been brushing up on their digital literacy skills with the help of an innovative new device known as Codebug.

Supplied by Leeds-based global tech distributor Farnell element14 as part of their Electronics in Education initiative, the Codebug helps students to develop an understanding of how computer programming works and the creative possibilities it can open up.

The device is a pocket sized development board designed to resemble a little green bug, with push button eyes, six touch-sensitive ‘legs’ and an LED display on the stomach that can scroll a variety of simple animations. Using an online web platform, students can program the Codebug to carry out a variety of functions.

Projects include creating a scrolling name badge, building a working camera, or creating a ‘fruit keyboard’ by connecting the device to a range of objects via crocodile clips and wires.  We look forward to trying all of these experiments in the coming months, in addition to devising a few of our own!

Farnell element14 supplies electronic hardware and equipment – including batteries, circuit boards and surface mount resistors to businesses and individuals all over the world. They support a number of educational initiatives aimed at improving digital literacy and core computing skills among children of all ages. A forthcoming collaboration with the BBC will see them provide one million year seven students in the UK with micro:bit development kits to aid their learning. 

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