Fulneck School’s Record Breaking GCSE Results

Fulneck School is celebrating a record breaking set of GCSE results, with 92 per cent of students achieving five or more A*-C grades.

One-third of all GCSE results were A*-A and two-thirds of all passes were A*-B. Overall, Fulneck School students have achieved a ten per cent increase in their A*-C GCSE grades compared with the 2015 results.

Topping the tables is Jason Tsang, and international student and a full boarder who came to Fulneck in 2014 to embark upon his GCSEs.

Jason has achieved 7 A* grades including Maths and Triple Award Science, alongside a B grade in English Language, and an A grade in Religious Studies (short course).

Alice Noonan, who joined Fulneck School as a junior in 2007 achieved 4 A*s and 6 As. Daniel Madden, who also joined the school in 2008 as a junior, attained 3 A*s, 2 As, 3 Bs and one C grade.

Phoebe Briggs, who joined the school 2011, passed her GCSEs with 7 As, 2 Bs and one C grade. Karandeep Johal who, also joined Fulneck in 2011, achieved 1 A*, 5 As and 4 B grades.

Fulneck School Principal Deborah Newman said: “These are a very pleasing set of GCSE results, and our congratulations go to all the students who have worked extremely hard in achieving them.

"Yet again the percentage of Fulneck School pupils attaining five or more A*-C grades has gone in the right direction, which is also a sound testament to the quality of our teaching staff.

“We have seen some superb individual results and I’m delighted to say that the majority of those receiving their results today will be staying on to sit their A-levels at Fulneck School.”

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