Year 3 visit RHS Garden Harlow Carr

Year 3 arrived excited and curious to RHS Garden Harlow Carr.

The group was first introduced to Elizabeth, our group instructor, and the children settled quickly and listened attentively. The first game was the rock ID game, where the children gained an understanding of the different types of rock. After, a chef was employed to make ‘soil soup’ and we discovered the vital ingredients that support life on earth.

Then the children investigated the different types of soils needed to make perfect growing conditions. This was a hands-on activity which the children really enjoyed with all of them participating intently.  We then moved outside to the woodland bursting with new knowledge ready to explore a variety of soils and understand their characteristics when wet and dry. 

After lunch the children had the opportunity to explore the garden and look at the sculptures, streams, and of course, the Treehouse that it has to offer.  The children had a valuable learning experience and both I and Mrs Atkins agreed it was a worthwhile and fulfilling day. Thankyou to RHS Garden Harlow Carr and to the children for a fabulous day.
Mr Downes
Year 3 class teacher 

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