Junior House Speaking

This week I am heartened by the House Speaking Competition! A wonderful culmination to a week of rehearsals and recitation that saw 50% of the junior school involved.

Mrs Atkins distilled the entries into a vat of 16 and winners were awarded in three categories: Key Stage1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage2.

The quality was outstanding and as one of the final judges, it was really difficult to decide who were to take the honours.

In my eyes, all the children are winners; for nobody spots the child who has mustered every ounce of courage and bravery to stand in front of their peers (and adults) to try and recite a poem they have tried really hard to remember word perfect.

This is true learning, where children battle at the edge of their comfort zone and show such mental resilience to truly improve themselves.

Miss Tooley was moved, as was I, to see one of our fabulous children stand and perform on stage; during reception class there was little hope of a ‘Hello’ for some time and here we stand with a public performance on a stage set for a professional performer. Wow!

Do not underestimate the power of being comfortable in ones self, in a crowd of people, nor the importance of being confident to be assertive and say, politely, “Thank you but no thanks”.

Chris Bouckley
Head of Junior School


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