STEM Workshop

Last Friday Year 8 and Year 9 students attended a series of STEM workshops, at school, led by the army education team. The students worked in small teams
to produce designs for energy bars, protective helmets and protective body armour. The equipment was to be designed for soldiers working in a hot country
who were recovering civilians trapped in collapsed buildings after an earthquake. Each group had a specific design brief and information
about the materials that were available. Students had to present their ideas at the end of the session. The army had brought along various helmets,
body armour and a selection of ration packs for use on manoeuvres. Students enjoyed getting dressed up in the body armour.
To finish the session students bombarded the army with questions about what is was like to serve in the army and what career paths the soldiers had followed.
One of the soldiers had completed a tour of Afghanistan and had first-hand knowledge of working in dangerous conditions in a hot country whilst wearing
the protective clothing.

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