"Astrodome" Gives Science Students a Space Age Experience

Pupils from Fulneck School have been given a space age experience thanks to a university’s inflatable planetarium and mirror created by Sir Isaac Newton!
Members of Leeds University’s physics outreach department took their “astrodome” to the Pudsey school, where they spent a day with senior school pupils sharing their latest research findings into exoplanets.
For the flights into deep space, Google films are projected though a Newton Mirror at the back of the Astrodome, giving those inside a 360 deg, panoramic view experience – virtual reality without the need of special glasses.
Erin McNeill, Leeds University’s Physics Outreach Officer, said: “We have to share the findings of our research and the astrodome is a great way of doing this with schools in the region.
“We are currently exploring exoplanets – Earth-like planets in other solar systems – and the films we show take the students on a scientific journey way beyond our own solar system.”
Fulneck School science teacher Dr Caroline Neuberg said: “This was a fantastic experience for the pupils and we are very grateful to Leeds University and their physics outreach team.
“Lessons like this, where science is delivered in an exciting way, are what help fire the imagination and inspire pupils to study these subjects at A-Level and beyond.
“It was a great day, and the comments from the pupils’ after each session proved how worthwhile it had been.
“It was also fascinating to learn about this important and ground-breaking research is being conducted just a few miles down the road from Fulneck.”

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