Bronze DofE Expedition

Last weekend four intrepid groups of explorers set out to complete their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s assessed expedition.

26 students, predominantly from Year 9, but with a sprinkling of Year 10s, have taken part in this level of the Award this year. We have been pleased to see how they have developed their teamwork and grown in independence – and (thankfully for some) how much their navigation skills have improved, too!

On Friday, the groups had a glorious day’s walking - the sun was shining and the local red kites were out in full force to celebrate the onset of summer.

Our students threw themselves wholeheartedly into the trek, and worked hard to complete their team’s aims along the way. Some teams (along with the staff) added to Fulneck’s contribution to the Great British Wild-flower Hunt, with other groups observing other types of flora and fauna in the Harewood / Bramhope area. We also had groups with more original team aims - monitoring the effect of different types of music on.

Day two is always more of a challenge for the students, with aches and pains from the previous day to contend with, and the emergence of blisters.

All of the groups set off bright and early (before 8am - relatively unheard of!) but the traditional British drizzle put more of a dampener on things, reducing parts of the usually spectacular hike along the top of Otley Chevin to a soggy trudge. However, spirits remained high and the groups finished their walk in good time, returning home ready for warm meals, warm baths, with plenty of tales to tell.

Congratulations to all those who have now completed this part of the Award. Don’t forget to upload your Skills, Volunteering and Physical evidence onto the DofE website to ensure overall completion. We look forwards to doing it all again with the Silver and Gold groups in just a couple of weeks.

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