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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and engagement at this challenging time.  The health and welfare of each and every member of the school community is our primary concern.  We aim to plan for as many eventualities as possible and we hope that in the event of significant impacts, such as a school closure, our parents and guardians will work with us as flexibly as possible to ensure the best possible outcomes for our pupils. 

Due to the speed of updates we are currently receiving, we do recommend that parents and guardians also familiarise yourselves with the advice and guidance on the and websites as well.

Up-date for parents 31 March 2020

Exam Cancellation 2020

U6 Exam Cancellation 2020

Closure Letter 20/03/2020

Closure Letter 18/03/2020

Contingency Plan LSU

Google Classroom - Video Tutorial for students | Video

Google Classroom | Link Assisstive Features in Google Docs

Daily updates - Sheila Stanley (Fulneck School Nurse)

With the developing situation regarding Covid-19, I have asked all Form Tutors/Classroom Teachers to show the below videos to their groups during Form Time in order to ensure that all students are able to wash their hands effectively and to reduce risk of transmission of all viruses.

Junior School:
Senior School:
What is social distancing? This video really helps children & adults understand:

The next video is more descriptive of what a virus is and what Coronavirus means to us:

Coping Calendar - 30 actions to look after ourselves and each other as we face with global crisis together:

Coping Calendar.pdf

​Is your child struggling to understand what the Coronavirus is? Here is a useful story to download to help young people who are socially anxious.Coronavirus Social Story

You can find out more infomation regarding our medical centre here - 
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