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Fulneck School

Welcome to Fulneck School

Principal Deborah Newman

A warm welcome from the Principal

Fulneck School, an independent day and boarding school in Leeds, is a very special place; with 430 pupils it is large enough to ensure that we offer a broad and wide range of facilities, yet small enough to ensure that we get to know all pupils individually.

At Fulneck School we emphasise the value of each individual by encouraging the development of intellectual, creative, physical and spiritual qualities to the full. The result is successful young people who are happy, secure and who can excel in all areas of life. From an early stage pupils are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills and contribute to the student voice.

We offer a nurturing environment for pupils from the age of 3 to 18 and provide the individual care and support to suit the needs of each and every individual, all backed by an extremely strong pastoral system. Almost 20% of our students are boarders, many from overseas, and we offer them a true 'home from home' experience in every sense. Through continued rewarding of effort and achievements we encourage pupils to take responsibility for their behaviour, appearance and social development. 

If you are interested in finding out how your child could benefit from an outstanding Fulneck School education, please contact us and we will arrange for a personal tour.You will have the opportunity to view our facilities, meet the staff and, more importantly, meet the people at the heart of our community – our pupils.

I look forward to meeting with you personally.

Mrs Deborah Newman



We are always looking at ways of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our communication and to ensure that this is in the best interest of both parents and children. 

We have listened to your suggestions carefully and are now very pleased to announce that the School is launching a new software system that we trust will significantly improve the flow of communication between the School and the Parents and vice versa.

Introducing Fulneck School SchoolPost!

SchoolPost ImageSchoolPost is a powerful email, SMS (text messages) and web-based system enabling easier inclusive and reliable two-way communication between staff, students and parents.

SchoolPost provides a secure online 'webspace' for every parent and student - all relevant messages in one place, always there to refer back to.

SchoolPost guarantees a high level of security - you can rest assured that your details will always kept safe.

The benefits!

  • Instantly received text and e-letters for your child
  • No more lost letters
  • Full history of letters, emails, text messages sent out
  • Complete permission slips online for your child to go on trips, partake in activities etc
  • Receive instant updates on urgent communication from the school
  • An online mailbox for homework or handouts
  • Ability to respond directly to school publications via an online response
  • Parents with more than one child at the school may link children accounts together
  • And of course... saving the environment by cutting down on lots of paper!

In order to never miss a communication, please ensure we have your most up-to-date contact details


How do I get a username and password to log onto the SchoolPost system?

If you have provided us with your email address then go to the SchoolPost website here and click on request password reminder . A password will be sent to your registered email account.

If we don't have your email address then fill out the form on the previous page and we will update your details on our system. After 24 hours your account will be ready and you will be able to request a new password as mentioned above.

I have requested my password but still can't get on, what now?

Click on Login Help on the SchoolPost website and follow the advice. If this doesn't help click on the help form link to the right of the box and fill this form in. We will get back to you ASAP.

I am not receiving any emails, how come?

First off, check that we have linked your account with your child. This should be in the top right hand corner of the screen after you log on, underneath your name. If there is no student listed, click on the edit button and then add another student link. This brings up a form allowing you to contact us.

How often will you email me?

The default setting will send out notifications every time a new message is posted at 5pm each day

Can I change how often I receive emails?

Yes. If you log into your account and click on My Settings then Email Notifications it will let you chose how often you receive email updates. The default is to receive updates for every new message

end faq



Student medical support

Medical SupprtFulneck School has its own in-house, fully-equipped and purpose-built Medical Centre providing round-the-clock access to medical care.

Our School Nurse, Mrs Sheila Stanley, has over 30 years' nursing experience and frequently updates and extends her knowledge within her field of practice.  Nurse Sheila is supported and supervised by Consultant Community Paediatricians; the Boarding School Association; the local GP Practice; School Nursing Services, Health Protection Agency and Education Leeds.

Nurse Sheila provides training and support for teaching, support and ground staff.  She also provides health advice, literature and helps facilitate health promotion in school.  She co-ordinates care plans for pupils with individual medical requirements, and arranges optical, dental and orthodontic appointments, for the boarding students, with NHS specialists in the local area.

Our School Nurse will liaise closely with parents in the event of their child's health causing concern and parents are welcome at any consultation.

All pupils' medical and nursing care is carried out under the NHS and there are, therefore, no charges for medication, dressings and vaccinations – pupils at 19+ pay NHS costs (PDF).

Nurse Sheila advises and assists with health screening in the School Medical Centre. This covers:

  • Growth
  • Eye sight/colour vision
  • Hearing
  • Immunisations

Our pupils' right to privacy and confidentiality is respected at all times.

Our School Nurse: Mrs Sheila Stanley

Medical CentreI initially trained as a registered General Nurse following 3 years' study here in Leeds.

I then followed my heart and gained a registration in Children's Nursing in Surrey.  I have nursed for over 30 years and spent time in surgery, orthopaedics, plastics, ENT and respiratory.  I completed a diploma in Adult and Child Respiratory Management – updated annually.

I then spent a long time as a Nurse Specialist in nephrology looking after children pre- and post-transplant, and general care (enuresis – UTI's etc.).  An opportunity came at Fulneck School in 2009 and this is where you will find me today.

My particular responsibilities at Fulneck are training staff in the care of pupils with asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and anaphylaxis.  I update care plans and emergency medication needs.

I co-ordinate and update first-aid equipment, train boarding staff in the administration and storage of medication, I manage Dental/GP/Vaccination/Heath Clinics needs and organise associated records.  I accompany and arrange external appointments for boarders.

I have benefitted from attending many courses and seminars on different aspects of Nursing relevant to my role: basic counselling, self-harm and eating disorders, asthma training and anaphylaxis. These have allowed me to revise and improve my knowledge and pass on critical information to other staff members.

Part of my role has been to update and modernise the medical provision at school.  We now have a purpose-built Medical Centre.  I have addressed legal aspects of the storage of drugs and administration and developed relevant policies within school.

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