Our vision for Fulneck School, from 3 through to 18, is to be the best in the area for offering children and young people a personalised education to suit their needs, with all of the attention to detail that this entails.

We ensure that we are stretching the most able and supporting the more vulnerable, and that whatever the ability of the child, as a school we are all striving to improve and enable each individual to be the best that he or she can be. This will not put us at the top of the league tables but it will mean that we will not let any one individual down. We will not manipulate figures or refuse to enter children for exams they have a chance of passing, just in case they don’t. Everything we do, will be pupil centred and will be in the interests of the pupils, not the statistics. 

The overall achievement of pupils is strongly supported by their very positive attitudes towards learning. Pupils are very willing to work hard, behave well and play an active part in lessons. ISI Report 2017

GCSE Results 2019

  • 90.3% of students achieved 5 or more 4-9/A*-C grades
  • 49.8% of all grades awarded were at grade 6/B or above

Fulneck School GCSE Results 2019 | PDF

GCSE Results 2018

  • 86% of students achieved 5 or more A*-C and 4-9 grades (A*-C equivalent)
  • 48% of all grades awarded were at grade 6/B or above.

Fulneck School GCSE Results 2018 | PDF

"In essentials UNITY, in non-essentials LIBERTY, in all things CHARITY"
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