Spotlight on achievement - Amelia

Fulneck School's high achievers programme is aimed at celebrating student’s achievements in and out of school. This week we are recognising Amelia Brooke and her achievements. Amelia was nominated by Mrs Duchovny our head of ICT/Computing. Mrs Duchovny said ‘Amelia is currently getting a team together for the Cyber Girls Competition and has a genuine interest in the subject, reading about different things outside of the lesson and then discussing them with me.

Assistant principle Dr Caroline Neuberg selected Amelia as a high achiever and asked her the following questions.

What are the things that drives you when you wake up in the morning and that you look forward to in school?

I think that what drives me is that I want to succeed in both sports and academics. If I’m not at my standard for school and sports, I always want to improve.

What are the habits that you use to maximise your time and energy when it comes to learning?

I don’t actually have any habits, I usually go with the flow! If I have any free time after I have recovered, I would usually finish my homework. Because sport takes up a lot of my time, I just plan around that. Fifteen hours a week can be quite draining, so I do have to relax and make the most of the time I have off

Which opportunity have you completed as extra to push yourself out of your comfort zone, academically?

I think going to the Royal Society of Science in London was a great experience. I worked in a group of four; we worked well together, helped each other and generally had a blast! I think doing something like that has helped me to understand how much work is actually expected of us. If we hadn’t worked well as a team, I don’t think we would have made the deadline – there is no ‘I’ in team!

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