Spotlight on achievement - Chloe Neuberg

Fulneck School's high achievers programme is aimed at celebrating student’s achievements in and out of school. This week we are recognising Chloe Neuberg and her achievements. Chloe is a Sixth Form student and Head Girl at Fulneck School. During the last summer Chloe travelled to Thailand for medical work experience. We asked Chloe some questions regarding her achievements…

What are the things that drives you when you wake up in the morning and that you look forward to in school?

I look forward to attending my lessons as, in A levels, I have selected the subjects I want to study. I look forward to interacting with my friends. The Sixth Form is a caring environment and I feel constantly supported.

What are the habits that you use to maximise your time and energy when it comes to learning?

I learn regularly and I make sure that I ask questions when I struggle with a new concept. I design my own revision cards, mind map each topic before testing myself  and practice past paper questions. 

I learn without distraction, and only when I’m most effective. I make sure that I have lots of happy moments in my week. For example, I volunteer every Saturday at SNAPS which is the school charity for the year. There I have learnt that interactions and helping others can do wonders for your own mental health.

Which opportunity have you completed as extra to push yourself out of your comfort zone, academically?

I have read a lot outside the subject, especially in Psychology. I listen to many podcasts that involve topics from the syllabus. Over the summer holiday, I travelled by myself to Thailand for a medical work experience, where I was exposed to several wide-ranging types of hospitals: from deprived rural ones to wealthy and private hospitals. I learnt some medical technics along the way such as treatment for cystic fibrosis.

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