Spotlight on achievement - Joey Yip

Fulneck School's high achievers programme is aimed at celebrating student’s achievements in and out of school. This week we are recognising Joey Yip and her achievements. Joey is a Sixth Form boarding student and Head of Music at Fulneck School. As a boarder, Joey enjoys spending time with other boarders and she also organises different events. She strives to build a good relationship between boarders by embracing the East-West culture.  We asked Joey some questions regarding her achievements…

What are the things that drive you when you wake up in the morning and that you look forward to in school?

When I wake up in the morning, I remind myself that everyday is a chance to learn something new and to push my boundaries by facing challenges in order to strive for the best . My passion towards the subjects I have chosen and the good learning atmosphere around me which drives me looking forward to school everyday. I  enjoy my time in Fulneck and I'm grateful for all the opportunities the school has given to me. 

What are the habits that you use to maximise your time and energy when it comes to learning?

I always keep high expectations of myself and I know that I can always do better. Therefore, I spend extra time on my work and doing further research on the topic which I am currently studying . This allows me to deepen my knowledge and to keep myself motivated. During the week, I spend most of my study period and time after school in the art room.

Which opportunity have you completed as extra to push yourself out of your comfort zone, academically?

As part of the leadership team (Head of Music), I cherish every opportunity I have to improve myself and influencing others with my enthusiasm. Therefore, I take part in the senior band and choir also performing in school musical events. Furthermore as a boarder, I enjoy spending time with other boarders. I organise different events in barding such as the Mid- Autumn festival nights and the Christmas Party. Not only embracing the East-West culture , also building a good relationship between borders. Personally, these chances pushes my level of creativity and develop my leadership skills which makes me to become a more confident person.

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