Fulneck Computing Workshop

Young people from Fulneck, Abbey Grange, Pudsey Waterloo, Calverley C of E and Southroyd schools started their half term with a FREE computing workshop.  Hosted in the stunning Fulneck Sixth Form Centre, led by Head of Computing, Miss Duchovny, students used their creativity in designing a dancing inchworm.  They began by planning out initial designs, thinking carefully about resources, colour and adding that wow factor; there were prizes to be won after all.  Turning ideas into reality saw lots of ‘thinking outside the box’ as well as building valuable team working and communication skills to craft the most dazzling, amazing inchworm known to the micro:bit! 
Inchworms at the ready, it was time to add some programming to make them dance.  The mirco:bits were up for the task!  After a quick introduction to the device and programming interface some simple programs were already in development.  Discussing testing and its importance in making their product work, students were quickly designing their own works of art, also known as test pictures, which would be displayed on the micro:bit to prove a successful download.  Students quickly got to work programming, downloading and implementing this code to get their inchworms active. 

Using servos soon tested students’ resilience to the max; they say never work with children or animals and we’re counting our cardboard worms as the pesky non-movers some of them tried to be.  With the help of our industry volunteer from Exa Networks, software developer, Mr Farrar and through the use of teamwork and growth mindsets, students began problem solving and debugging.  Before long most of the little worms were soon trying to wriggle away.  Finishing with fun prizes for all and some super cool inchworms, the workshop was over.  Keep an eye out for information about our next workshop where we’ll be using the micro:bits to craft moving robots!

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