Spotlight on High Achievers - Ali Mirza

Fulneck School's high achievers programme is aimed at celebrating student’s achievements in and out of school. This week we are recognising Ali Mirza and his achievements. Ali is a Year 11 student at Fulneck School. Ali has been recognised as a high achiever due to the amount of effort he puts into his learning in and outside of school. In his spare time Ali enjoys attending online courses to stretch himself academically. We asked Ali some questions regarding his achievements…

What are the things that drive you when you wake up in the morning and that you look forward to in school?

The thing that drives me is my love for subjects and my passion towards them. I have always loved physics and maths and any other subjects that involve numbers. Every day when I wake up I know it is a chance to advance my knowledge, which excites and motivates me to try and do the best I can.

What are the habits that you use to maximise your time and energy when it comes to your learning?

I don’t really have any habits when it comes to learning or maximising my energy. I just enjoy the subjects, so I don’t really need to any habits to make it more efficient. I will try to learn a new concept, whether in physics or maths and will keep studying until I understand.

Which opportunity have you completed as an extra to push yourself out of your comfort zone, academically?

There are lots of courses and websites out there that students can access and learn more about their favourite subjects, such as Khan Academy. When I first started using these websites, I felt uncomfortable because I thought it was going to be too challenging and that I wouldn’t be able to do the more advanced stuff. But after I started, I just couldn’t stop and now use the courses to push myself further whether it is learning about integration of particle physics!

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