A-Level Results 2020

There was a very different atmosphere at Fulneck School today as the Upper Sixth students received their A Level and Level 3 Btec results.

Back in April when it was announced that all public examinations had been cancelled, our students’ initial jubilation was quickly replaced with anxiety over how their final results would be calculated, anxiety that has only been exacerbated by recent headlines and changes to the process in both Scotland and then England.

Led by our Vice Principal, Gemma Carver, and Exams Officer, Alison Taylor, our teachers worked hard to calculate Centre Assessment Grades that, in our professional opinion, best represented each student’s likely final grade. This estimate was based on a range of evidence, including baseline ability testing, progress through the course and mock examinations. Within each grade for every subject, students were also placed in a rank order. The Government has now ensured that a standardisation process means that this year’s results can be compared to those of previous years.

We are also determined to celebrate the successes of our students regardless of the current circumstances. Principal, Paul Taylor, said that he was “more proud than ever of the resilience and stoicism of the students who have endured several months of pressure waiting for these results. Their achievements are in no way diminished by the absence of exams this year. They have achieved, in the vast majority of cases, as we would have expected them to do with exams in place. Equally important, their wide-ranging contributions to our community over the years ensure that they leave us prepared for the next steps in their exciting lives and ready to make a positive impact on the wider world.”

Success stories:

Archie leaves Fulneck with: 
A - Economics
B - Physics (Astrophysics)
C - Mathematics

Archie has been accepted into the University of York to study Computer Science with an ambition to enter the world of cyber secuirty.

Chloe leaves Fulneck with:
A* - Psychology
A - Chemistry
B - Biology

Chloe has been accepted into Keele University to study Psychology. Good luck Chloe, you've been a great Head Girl here at Fulneck School.

Melissa leaves Fulneck with:
Distinction* - Sports Science
B - Art & Design
E - Biology

Melissa has already started her own photgraphy business in the Leeds area, specialising in the equestrian market. #SelfStarter

Rabiah leaves Fulneck with: 
A - Chemistry
A - Biology
B - Mathematics

Rabiah will be attending the University of Sunderland to study Medicine for 5 years. Her aspiration is to become a doctor.


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