GCSE Results 2021

Fulneck School pupils are today celebrating another successful day as they receive their well-deserved GCSE results.

31% of grades awarded were at 7-9 level with 80% of entries graded at 5 or above. Results across the sciences were particularly impressive with 7-9 rates of 60% in Biology, 44% in Chemistry and 89% in Physics, and in Geography where 75% of entries received 7-9 grades.

Principal, Paul Taylor, said: “Don’t listen to any negativity in the media around grade inflation or the absence of formal exams. Our GCSE pupils have lived and worked through extraordinary times and their achievements are enhanced by the levels of uncertainty and pressure they faced. Huge chunks of their learning were carried out remotely and they had to adapt to last minute and regularly changing Government decisions on their final assessments. All this, of course, on top of the difficulties that many of them and their families faced due to the virus itself.

Credit must go to our teaching staff who have also had to adapt to new ways of teaching and assessing our pupils. They have taken this in their stride and should be very proud of their pupils’ results. Our parent body has been incredibly supportive and should be equally proud of their children’s achievements. We wish them all the best of luck in the Sixth Form and beyond.”

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