Welcome to Summer at Fulneck

A very busy Summer in Fulneck Junior School


Everywhere I go at the moment I am greeted by excited children. They’re eager to tell me about the trips they’re going on; the clubs they’re taking part in; or the exciting things they’ve just learned in their lessons. It makes a very welcome change from the beginning of the year, when covid restrictions forced us to stay in our classrooms, in bubbles, unable to get together as our Fulneck family. As we near half term, have a look at what we’ve been up to this term.


Reception have been busy exploring the local area. They started with a very exciting trip down to a farm where one of our pupils lives, then on to No54 for cake! The other patrons in the tearoom commented on how beautifully behaved our children were. Mrs Walker and Mrs Rivers were super proud of them. They continued their work by creating maps of the area they live in and having a ‘Wheelie Fun Day’ where they got to bring in their favourite wheeled toy from home. They got to learn all about different types of vehicle and developed their gross motor skills at the same time. Mrs Walker reported that everyone had a “wheelie good time!”


Year One have been getting their hands dirty with their Growing topic. They have certainly been making the most of the sunny weather by making earth art: drawing pictures using only materials they could find outside. Conor got star of the week for a beautiful picture of sheep created using only mud and sticks he found in the grounds! Then the children inhabited the spirit of pop art, using leaves and brightly coloured paint to create repeating patterns. I can’t wait to see how beautiful our raised bed looks after their gardening day next week!


Mrs Dunkley and Mrs Atkins have been teaching Year Two all about Australia. Daisy and Eva were excited to show me exactly where Australia was on a world map. They pointed out lots of famous landmarks like Uluru and the Sydney Opera House. Henry and Jude showed off their wonderful Australian animal themed artwork.

Years 3 and 4 are learning about very different ways of ruling over countries in their history topics. Year 3 are in the process of creating a Greek democracy in their classroom, focussing on debating and voting to find a fair way to govern the classroom. Year 4 on the other hand has chosen a far more bloodthirsty Viking style of ruling. They have been to Jorvik to study Viking battle tactics and are currently in the process of planning raids in Year 3 and Year 5! With two Viking gods in Year 4 (Furayah and Odin) I think they have a good chance of conquering the whole Junior school before the end of the Year!


At the top end of our Junior School, Years 5 and 6 have been making good use of our fantastic Senior School facilities for their DT project. They have designed and made their own keyrings, expertly handling hack saws, sanding machines and drills to complete their projects.



Speaking of our excellent facilities, our children continue to benefit from our excellent specialist provision in Performing Arts and PE. Mrs Pennwood is busy preparing our older children for our end of year production Peter Pan. I’ve been lucky enough to see our Year 6 children rehearsing their lines and building props ready for the big performance on Wednesday 6th July. 

Our PE department are busy preparing the whole Junior School for Sports Day on Friday 24th June for Reception to Year 6 and on Wednesday 24th June for Pre-School. The children have been busy practising for their sprint events on our running track, whilst refining their techniques in a number of field events.

We’re sure that these are likely to be highlights of the coming term and we’re very excited that parents will be able to attend these events. We hope to see you there!

I reserve my biggest thanks and appreciation for the wonderful Mrs Atkins and the courageous students from Reception to Year 6 who attended the Wharfedale Speech and Drama Festival this week. Every child who took part made us incredibly proud and Fulneck children won medals in every event we entered. An especially big shout out to Ashar who placed first in his category and to Danniella who not only placed first in her category but also won the prestigious Edith Atkins award for most promising young speaker. It was a wonderful event and we can’t wait to continue our winning streak next year!



Things get even better and busier next half term. We will be holding lots of events, culminating in celebrating our Year 6 children’s achievements with Speech Day on Thursday 7th July. We can’t wait for next half term and we’re looking forward to telling you all about it!




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