Boarding at Fulneck

People send their children to boarding schools for many different reasons, but the care and experience provided at Fulneck School is the same in any circumstance – focused on continuity, stability and safety, says Mrs Shirley Whitehead, Houseparent. 

We have boarders from all around the world who are from different cultures and different backgrounds, but we all come together as one family.

Within our family we offer different types of boarding to suit individual needs. 

Full boarding: The majority of our boarders are full boarders, who come from across the globe. Most will need a visa and often English is not their first language. 

When it comes to communicating, children always work out a way, sometimes through playing a game such as football or through other common interests. It is amazing how quickly English is picked up this way. 

Weekly boarding: It may be that pupils live far enough away from school that the journey is too much to make every day – weekly boarding is the answer. This has the dual benefit of enabling the student to go to school without feeling fatigued by daily travel while allowing them to spend weekends at home with their family and friends. 

Flexi boarding: This provides a tremendous opportunity for those facing the stresses of finding childcare when they need to go, for example, to an important work meeting. Simply book a spot in boarding and your child can go from school to the boarding house and back to school the following day – it couldn’t be simpler. 

All children are encouraged to grow and flourish in a safe environment, enhancing their personal development while receiving a first-class education from Fulneck School. 

They learn independence whether it is through being required, for example, to make their own bed each day or by learning a skill for life, such as cooking. 

Interaction with other boarders from numerous countries, of a different age and from a variety of backgrounds, assists in the teaching of social skills such as understanding and tolerance. Many friendships are forged in our boarding house. 

We all know how important it is for a parent to be assured their child is being properly cared for while away from home. At Fulneck, offering a warm and friendly family atmosphere to help nurture the children is a priority. 

The school week, Monday to Friday, is well structured – breakfast, school, clubs, tea, prep and free time are followed by shower and bed. The free time activities vary from simply chilling with friends to playing games, either outside in our extensive grounds or inside, particularly of an evening, playing cards, chess and other board games. Boarders also may choose to read quietly alone or catch up with family and friends. 

The weekends are always entertaining. One weekend may involve going to the cinema, the next a trip to Alton Towers or to experience the thrill of go-karting. We ask for student input when organising trips as we feel it is important school trips are inclusive and offer a wide selection of trips to suit all tastes. 

Fulneck is nestled in the beautiful Tong Valley, surrounded by greenery and nature. Away from main roads and busy city areas – yet only a bus ride from Leeds City Centre. 

Why not come and have a look around and see for yourself. Contact our Admissions team – for further information.

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