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We are following Government guidelines in terms of Covid19 regulations. We are providing a safe environment which pupils can continue to learn and are also pleased to provide a strong remote learning provision for those unable to attend or in the event of further closure. The school has a dynamic full risk assessment covering pupils and staff in the Covid-19 environment, summary details of which can be found here.

Risk Assessment for the Phased Return to School in the COVID-19 Environment: Statement of Results

Centre Policy TAG 2021-May | PDF

Pupil Home Testing | PDF

Step by step guide to COVID-19 self-testing | Youtube

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​Google Classroom - Video Tutorial for students | Video

Google Classroom | Link Assisstive Features in Google Docs

Chat Health and 0-19 Team

Please can I also remind you of the Chat Health service that is available for all young people who may have any worries about their physical, mental or emotional health. If you have any Young People that would like to use this texting service, please give them the details in the poster attached.

Also due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the 0-19 team are running a reduced service for families. Please also find an attached poster which shows what services are still currently running and available. If you have any queries for the 0-19 team, please call the Single Point of Access on 0113 843 5683.

With the developing situation regarding Covid-19, I have asked all Form Tutors/Classroom Teachers to show the below videos to their groups during Form Time in order to ensure that all students are able to wash their hands effectively and to reduce risk of transmission of all viruses.


Junior School:
Senior School:

What is social distancing? This video really helps children & adults understand:

The next video is more descriptive of what a virus is and what Coronavirus means to us:

Coping Calendar - 30 actions to look after ourselves and each other as we face with global crisis together:

Coping Calendar

​Is your child struggling to understand what the Coronavirus is? Here is a useful story to download to help young people who are socially anxious.Coronavirus Social Story

You can find out more infomation regarding our medical centre here - 
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