Fulneck School, an independent day and boarding school in Leeds, is a very special place; with 380 pupils it is large enough to ensure that we offer a broad and wide range of facilities, yet small enough to ensure that we get to know all pupils individually.

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Principal's Assembly 22nd June 2021

I really enjoyed researching the life of Marcelo Bielsa for last week’s assembly. As you know, I’m not a Leeds fan and so knew very little about the man aside from the part he has played in the team’s recent success. I did finish by saying that it could be considered a frivolous choice in comparison to great historic leaders who have changed the direction of history. Football really isn’t that important. I had also recorded the assembly before the game involving Christian Erikkson, another reminder of what really does matter.

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Principal's Assembly 15th June 2021

Last Tuesday, I asked you to consider the qualities that outstanding leaders possess and then agree as a group on the one figure – current or historic – who best demonstrates those traits. That’s not necessarily that the chosen leader will have shown all of those characteristics – leaders are humans not saints and consequently share the same human frailties as you and me.

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Principal's Assembly 25th May 2021

In some ways it is hard to believe that a whole year has passed since the murder of George Floyd. As we watched the video of his brutal final moments, we might have done so with as much fear of what violence might erupt as a consequence of the police actions as optimism for a brighter future.

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