Lasting and lifelong friendships are made at Fulneck School and former students look back on their days here with fondness. We want to ensure that these friendships continue and the Fulneck Alumni group serves to provide not only a link between peers but also maintains your connection with the school. Any student that attended Fulneck School can become a member of the Fulneck Alumni group for free. Once registered, we will send you mailings to keep you informed of reunions, events and developments. 

Registering to become a member also enables you to give something back to the school, for example by delivering a careers talk to current pupils or contributing to one of our alumni newsletters.

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The President of the Former Pupils’ Association is Rob Tordoff

Rob Tordoff is the FFPA Alumni President for 2019/20. Rob was at Fulneck School from 1987 to 1995, after which he attended the University of York, studying Information Technology, Business Management and French. His career initially took him to North London to work for a Tech business before he returned to Yorkshire and moved to a career in the insurance industry. Rob continues to live locally and is married with two children – both of whom now follow in his footsteps and attend Fulneck School.

“It was an honour to be asked to be President of Fulneck Alumni. I never thought I was old enough but I guess I probably now am! I really enjoyed my time at Fulneck School and I am really thankful for the life skills I was taught which I believe have put me in good stead throughout my working career. I was so pleased that I was able to send my children to the school as well and it has been great reconnecting as a parent. So much has changed since I attended but the ethos of the school is very much still in play and the continued focus on the pupils as individuals is great to see. I really hope that during my year I can help to reconnect other former pupils with the school, work with the School to support them where I can and I am looking forward to meeting everyone over the coming year.”

Fulneck Alumni - Callum Gamble

Since being diagnosed with Asperger’s, an autistic spectrum condition, at the age of eight, Callum Gamble has overcome many challenges in his life.

Education at Fulneck School and Leeds Beckett University
Displaying exceptional talent, determination and resilience combined with the tailored support he received from our Learning Support Unit, Callum left Fulneck School after seven successful years in July 2015 with excellent A-level results to take up his studies at Leeds Beckett University.
He graduated in Summer 2019 with a first-class honours BSc degree in Creative Media Technology and went straight into a well-paid job as a web developer.
Employment after Graduation
After only three weeks, he had to leave his new job. Despite having disclosed his autism to his employers, they refused to make reasonable adjustments.

Setting up a Web Agency Business
Taking this setback as an opportunity, Callum decided to partner with his mother, a digital content writer, to launch KreativeInc Agency in July 2019.  
KreativeInc Agency is a neurodiverse and inclusive creative agency combining the complementing talents of people with autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD with those of neurotypical people.

Callum aims to create a talent-nurturing environment where being different is encouraged and embraced to provide his clients with web, content and graphic design services that have an edge they don’t always get from other companies.

Having been accepted into the nationwide NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator Programme in April 2020, Callum is aiming to scale his business into a full-service, neurodiverse media agency with a workforce of 50% neurodivergent and 50% neurotypical people with complementing talents.
Running Neurodiversity Workshops
Following the bad experience in his first job, Callum has also established a network of like-minded people and businesses and runs free workshops highlighting the talents of neurodivergent people like him. He aims to educate employers on the commercial benefits of creating a neurodiversity-friendly workplace and how to get the best out of ‘differently-abled’ talent.
The first “NeuroPool” workshop was held in January 2020 in York at Lupton Fawcett Solicitors who sponsored the event. Attended at full capacity by employers, HR professionals and training and recruitment companies, it clearly showed that education in this sector is set to make a big difference.
The workshops remove the fear employers may have about neurodiversity in the workplace and show them how to make often just simple adjustments to gain loyal, talented and productive employees.
Callum’s confidence boost through running his own business and helping others in his shoes has resulted in him publicly speaking at events like this and showing how both he and many others can add a lot of value – with the appropriate level of understanding.
Promoting Web Accessibility
Having been faced with the challenges of the coronavirus crisis, Callum decided to focus on making the websites he builds fully accessible with innovative Artificial Intelligence technology. His goal is to improve digital inclusion in the UK, where 70% of websites are currently not optimised to give access to 20% of the population. People with disabilities and impairments such as the blind, deaf, motor-impaired, autistic, dyslexic, epileptic and colour blind, to name a few, are ignored as a valuable customer base by UK businesses. Following a study by the BBC, the ‘Purple Pound’ is estimated at £249bn a year – a sum that should not be overlooked.  Under the Equalities Act 2010, companies with inaccessible websites are also unlawfully discriminating against disabled and impaired people.
Future Journey
Callum’s vision is to make the UK a neurodiversity-friendly and inclusive employment and digital landscape for everyone.
We are proud to have Callum as a Fulneck Alumni. He represents the values and goals we aim to teach at our school. We wish him all the best in his efforts and will continue to follow his journey.
You can find out more about Callum and his journey on his website
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