Fulneck School has its own in-house, fully-equipped and purpose-built Medical Centre, providing round-the-clock access to medical care.

Our School Nurse, Mrs Sheila Stanley, has over 30 years' nursing experience and frequently updates and extends her knowledge within her field of practice. Nurse Sheila is supported and supervised by Consultant Community Paediatricians; the Boarding School Association; the local GP Practice; School Nursing Services, Health Protection Agency and Education Leeds.

Nurse Sheila provides training and support for teaching and support staff. She also provides health advice, literature and helps facilitate health promotion in school. She co-ordinates care plans for pupils with individual medical requirements, and arranges optical, dental and orthodontic appointments for the boarding students.

Our School Nurse will liaise closely with parents in the event of their child's health causing concern and parents are welcome at any consultation.

All pupils' medical and nursing care is carried out under the NHS and there are, therefore, no charges for medication, dressings and vaccinations – pupils at 19+ pay NHS costs.

Nurse Sheila advises and assists with health screening in the School Medical Centre. This covers:

  • Growth
  • Eye sight/colour vision
  • Hearing
  • Immunisations

Our pupils' right to privacy and confidentiality is respected at all times.

Read more about Nurse Sheila below

I initially trained as a registered General Nurse following 3 years' study here in Leeds.

I then followed my heart and gained a registration in Children's Nursing in Surrey. I have nursed for over 30 years and spent time in surgery, orthopaedics, plastics, ENT and respiratory. I completed a diploma in Adult and Child Respiratory Management – updated annually.

I then spent a long time as a Nurse Specialist in nephrology looking after children pre- and post-transplant, and general care (enuresis – UTI's etc.). An opportunity came at Fulneck School in 2009 and this is where you will find me today.

My particular responsibilities at Fulneck are training staff in the care of pupils with asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and anaphylaxis. I update care plans and emergency medication needs.

I co-ordinate and update first-aid equipment, train boarding staff in the administration and storage of medication, I manage Dental/GP/Vaccination/Heath Clinics needs and organise associated records. I accompany and arrange external appointments for boarders.

I have benefitted from attending many courses and seminars on different aspects of Nursing relevant to my role: basic counselling, self-harm and eating disorders, asthma training and anaphylaxis. These have allowed me to revise and improve my knowledge and pass on critical information to other staff members.

Part of my role has been to update and modernise the medical provision at school. We now have a purpose-built Medical Centre. I have addressed legal aspects of the storage of drugs and administration and developed relevant policies within school.

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