At Fulneck, we are a diverse yet close-knit community with a nurturing, family feel.  Here is what some of our parents have to say about why they chose the school and what a Fulneck education means to them.

“Fulneck nurtures both my daughters’ wellbeing and individuality, just as much as their academic achievement. I fully believe that the key to success in life is happiness and confidence and that education should be enjoyed not endured. Fulneck prioritise this.
The warm, family-friendly, welcoming atmosphere feels like a safe place for them and the wonderful staff continuously inspire my girls to really enjoy their education. On occasion they have merrily attended on Saturdays and Sundays for science workshops, open days, drama rehearsals and sports fixtures without a moment of grumbling, which I feel speaks volumes about their happiness in school.” 

V Hallas-Fawcett – May 2019


“Fulneck has, and continues to be, both an enjoyable and enriching school for both my children. My children are happy to go to school every day and I believe as a parent that says a lot. The school has a real community feel about it, almost like a family environment. It’s warm and welcoming with lots of smiling, happy and polite children. I believe the school strives to provide well-rounded individuals armed with as many life, academic and social experiences as they can squeeze into school life. Happy children, happy parents!”

N Tordoff – May 2019



“Fulneck is an excellent place of learning, nurturing and caring for all students.  Having had personal experience, I then sent my son, who has received the same wrap around ‘family’ care that I recall as a former student.  The classes are small enough to allow all students to benefit from the teaching staff.  The facilities are good and subjects are broad and all-encompassing.  Teaching and support staff give each and every student empowerment to ensure the child is fully equipped for adulthood, allowing them to become fine members of the greater community.  As a family, we cannot recommend Fulneck enough.”


D Forbes – May 2019


“Our daughter is a quiet and thoughtful girl who was very shy when she was younger. We wanted a school which would allow her to not be over-shadowed. I feel that Fulneck has a wonderful ability to see each child as an individual. Without it being obvious they have nurtured her; she is more confident and really happy. I personally think all the teachers and staff are very approachable, care about the children and clearly enjoy working at the school. That spreads to the children, who in turn show respect to one another and I think my daughter is really lucky and will have life-long friends.”  
M Rajput – May 2019



“A wonderful school with a real ‘family’ feel about it. My son has been nurtured and encouraged to reach his full potential from the age of three. He thrives in the small class sizes and enjoys every moment of school.”

A Holt – May 2019


“Fulneck School is like a family.  We have three children at the school, all different in the way they are and all catered for to suit their needs and their talents.  They truly enjoy going to school, with excellent pastoral care and tailored education to suit them all.  The care and attention given to the children is second to none.  Nothing is a problem and the teachers work with you to make sure each child’s time there is a happy one.  They work tirelessly in building confidence in each child.  From a very early age they encourage them to take part in shows and assemblies and you can see confidence grow in even the quietest of children.  Great extra-curricular clubs are on offer every day, together with both early class, late class and breakfast club, to enable parents to receive the best wrap around care they possibly can.  My three children love this school, they have grown and come on leaps and bounds and are becoming very well-rounded individuals learning key skills from a young age.”
J Fletcher – May 2019


“It’s a wonderful environment where my children are uniquely educated in a way that both nurtures their true personality (quirks and all) and enables them to be the best version of themselves.  As a parent I love being a part of the Fulneck community, be that through the PFA, regular contact with their teachers or having the opportunity to attend celebration assembly.”
J Moody – May 2019


“I have three children, each with their own very special and individual needs for their education and support requirements through the school system.  Fulneck School has provided for and surpassed these needs. It has provided my eldest two with an excellent education and also helped to create two confident and well round young ladies, who are excelling at University.  The support we have received for my son who has a Neuro Disability has been life changing for him and us.  So, what does Fulneck mean to me?  Everything!”
S Doyle – May 2019


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