Fees & Charges academic year 2022 - 2023

                                                                                         Hourly   Daily       Weekly.       
Pre School £6.53  £47.32  £237.00


JUNIOR SCHOOL Termly Annual Monthly
(12 Months)
Foundation Stage - Morning only £1,688  £5,064 £422
Foundation Stage - Full day £2,735  £8,205 £683.75
Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) £2,970  £8,910 £742.50
Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6) £3,720  £11,160  £930 
SENIOR SCHOOL Termly Annual Monthly
(12 Months)
Years 7 – U6 Day Pupil £4,920 £14,760 £1,230
Years 7 - U6 Weekly Boarding £8,542 £25,626 £2,135.50* 
Years 7 - U6 Full Boarding £10,138  £30,414 £2,386.25*
Pre GCSE one year foundation course - Full Boarding £10,138  £30,414  
Pre A-Level one year foundation course - Full Boarding £10,138  £30,414  

*Only available to UK Residents

Optional Extras

Breakfast Club for Pre School - Year 6 Free
After School Club Pre School – Year 6 Free
Evening meal £5.00
Flexi Boarding £55.00 per night (maximum of 10 nights per term)
OPTIONAL LESSONS (as required)
English as an additional language £600 per term (two x 1 hour lessons per week)
£1200 per term (four x 1 hour lessons per week)
Learning Support £475 per term (one x 1 hour lessons per week)
£850 per term (two x 1 hour lessons per week)


Registration Fee payable on Registration and non-refundable Fee
UK £50
International £200

The deposit is held by the School until it is credited without interest to the final payment of the fees or other sums due to the School on your child’s leaving.

Deposit payable at acceptance of a place at Fulneck School for your child Fee
Day Pupil £450
UK Boarder £1,100
International Boarder £9,545
Pre-GCSE and Pre-A Level course £10,138



Fees paid by the term are due no later than the first day of commencement of that term. We accept Childcare Vouchers as provided by your employer.


Payment is made via Direct Debit over 12 months and is available for the school fees and bus fares (please enquire separately) only.


Fulneck School has partnered with Loans Warehouse to allow our parents to access a new, exciting and flexible funding product that is available from 5 to 30 years, with no early repayment charges (ERCs) if redeemed early.  Any funds required can be drawn down as and when required with interest and repayment charges only applying to the funds received.
This product is in addition to the payment methods already provided by Fulneck School and is designed to make further funding choices available for our parents to assist them in finding an affordable solution that meets their requirements.
For more information and to see example representative rates please click here

Children attending Fulneck School are eligible for Early Years Funding. The first 15 hours per week of Early Years Foundation Stage education are delivered completely free of charge. The funded hours are available mornings only (excluding lunch) and are subject to availability. The fees payable for the term are due entirely in respect of the additional hours your child attends school. We will do our best to accommodate the dates of your choice. The funding is available in the term following your child’s 3rd birthday, up to and including the term in which they have their 5th birthday. The funding is claimed on your behalf by the School and deducted from your fees. Please see the Finance Office for further details.


A sibling discount of 5% in fees for each additional sibling attending school at the same time. Siblings in Pre-School and in receipt of Early Years Funding are not eligible for sibling discount.

An Armed Forces family discount of 10% off fees and Clergy discount of 5% off fees are available to eligible children.

All fees are inclusive of lunch (breakfast, evening meal and supper are included in the boarding fees) and books. Fees include public examination fees for first-time entries at GCSE, Btec and A level, and weekend trips for Boarders.

Flexi-boarding can be used for a maximum of ten nights per term and is subject to availability.

Please note that fees are subject to change from year to year. The above fees are for the academic year 2022-23

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