Fees & Charges academic year 2020 - 2021

JUNIOR SCHOOL Termly Annual Monthly
(12 Months)
Foundation Stage - Morning only £1,550  £4,650  £387.50
Foundation Stage - Full day £2,515  £7,545  £628.75 
Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) £2,728  £8,184 £682.00 
Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6) £3,415  £10,245  £853.75 
SENIOR SCHOOL Termly Annual Monthly
(12 Months)
Years 7 – U6 Day Pupil £4,550 £13,650 £1,137.50
Years 7 - U6 Weekly Boarding £8,135 £24,405 £2,033.75 
Years 7 - U6 Full Boarding £8,995  £26,985 £2,248.75*!
Pre GCSE one year foundation course - Full Boarding £9,560  £28,680 £2,390.00*!
Pre A-Level one year foundation course - Full Boarding £9,560  £28,860 £2,390.00*!

Optional Extras

Breakfast Club for Pre School - Year 6 From 7.30am, Free
After School Club Pre School – Year 6** Free
Boarders' Tea (if required) £3.95
Pre School - Year 6  £35 per day
Flexi Boarding £45.00 per night (maximum of 10 nights per term)
OPTIONAL LESSONS (as required)
English as an additional language £550 per term (two x 1 hour lessons per week)
£980 per term (four x 1 hour lessons per week)
Learning Support £450 per term (one x 1 hour lessons per week)
£780 per term (two x 1 hour lessons per week)
*Only available to UK Residents
** If your child attends an extra-curricular club, charges may apply.
! A compulsory charge of £300 per year will be added to your bill to cover the cost of weekend trips and activities.

​Notes on Fees and Charges

Boarding and Tuition

Fees are charged per term and are inclusive of lunch (breakfast, evening meal and supper are included in the boarding fees) and books. Fees include public examination fees for first-time entries at GCSE, AS and A2 level. Additional charges for school trips and special events will be notified to parents. Payment of the full amount is due on or before the first day of term unless otherwise agreed by the finance department.  Payment can be made by person by cheque or debit/credit card. The cost of school fees can be spread throughout the year by paying monthly by direct debit. Please contact the finance department for further details.


The School offers up to 15 hours per week of free education to children aged 3 and 4 years.


Regular boarding involving 5 nights per week is regarded as Weekly Boarding. Full boarders remain at school over weekends and enjoy weekend programmes of activities. Flexi-boarding is available and useful as a taster or when parents are absent from home for short periods. These flexible nights are limited to ten nights per term and is subject to availability.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Academic, Art, Music, Performing Arts, and Sport scholarships are awarded on merit and, in certain circumstances, may be supplemented with bursaries. Bursaries are available to candidates with academic potential who could thrive in this setting but would be unable to meet the fees without financial assistance. Bursaries are means-tested and subject to the availability of funds. Further details of scholarships and bursaries can be found here.

Sibling discounts

Second children and all subsequent children receive a 5% discount on school fees.

Private Lessons and optional extras

Where a fee is quoted per term, unless otherwise stated, charges are based on 30 lessons per academic year, averaging 10 per term.

Acceptance Deposits

An offer of a place for your child at the school is accepted by you signing and returning a parent contract with an acceptance deposit. For UK and EU residents this deposit amounts to £400 which will be returned without interest and less any other sums due to the School when your child leaves the School. For residents from outside the European Union two term’s fees will be required. One term will be credited to the first term’s fees and the remainder will be retained and credited, without interest, to other sums due to the School on your child’s leaving.

Notice requirements

If you wish to withdraw your child from the school (other than at the normal leaving date), you shall either give a term’s written notice to that effect or shall pay to the school a term’s fees in lieu of notice.

Fulneck School Fees 2020-2021 | PDF

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