The Fulneck community is greatly enriched by the blend of different countries and societies from which our pupils originate and diversity prospers here within the culture of a traditional English boarding school.

We seek to create an environment in which all our boarders are drawn together by their desire to succeed in a competitive world and to achieve the best results possible within the British education system, thus enabling them to progress to the next stage of their education at top UK universities. The boarding staff foster a culture in which the rich diversity of the pupil body is celebrated by all, and which aims to create a fully integrated community while also allowing pupils to retain their distinctive individual identity.


Fulneck School admits International students at all levels: Years 5 -10, Pre A level (Foundation Course), and into Year 12 to begin A level courses in our Sixth Form.

All international students will be tested in Maths and English prior to entry. If a student’s English is very weak, a foundation year will be recommended, either Pre GCSE (Year 9), or Foundation (Pre A level), for older students.

Once admitted, International students follow a curriculum which is appropriate to their level of English. For some students, this might be a full 10 subject GCSE curriculum, whilst others may benefit more from intensive EAL tuition until their English language is at an appropriate level for them to attend lessons in the Core subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. In the first week of study at Fulneck, all International students will be tested to assess their English speaking, listening and writing skills so that they can be placed in classes appropriate to their levels.

We currently have pupils at School from countries including Japan, Russia, Germany, Spain, Kazhakstan, Saudi Arabia, China, Taiwan, Libya, Nigeria and Uganda.

Life at Fulneck

With the advances of modern technology it is very easy for all Fulneck pupils to keep in touch with family and friends whether they are in the UK or abroad. All pupils have access to school pay phones and are issued with personal email addresses. The use of their mobile phones is permitted at certain times of the day and evening. The Houses also have facilities for Skype and many boarders speak to their parents regularly via this medium. There are plenty of school computers with email access available for student use and many pupils also have their own internet enabled laptops in their rooms.

Travel and Transport

Fulneck is conveniently situated for the major motorways, M1 and M62, and Leeds/Bradford International Airport is on our doorstep with Manchester being a train or taxi journey from the school. Local taxi companies regularly used by the School transport pupils to and from all UK airports, and at the beginning and end of terms boarders can arrange pick-ups from the local airports.


Pupils whose parents are based abroad must have an English-speaking contact or guardian in the UK who can be responsible for arrangements at the beginning and end of each term and for the care of pupils during half-terms, weekend breaks or in emergencies. Ideally this should be someone local who can take an interest in the pupil’s welfare and life at school and who is prepared to attend parents meetings and support school functions. Suitable guardians might be relatives or family friends resident in the UK; alternatively there are several agencies that offer this service.

For more information, you can contact AEGIS (The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students):

Telephone: +44 (0)1453 821293

For more information on the entry procedure for pupils from overseas please contact our Admissions department on +44 113 257 0235 or

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