As part of our philosophy of developing pupils’ life skills, we emphasise the need for them to be involved in some extra-curricular activities. The School offers a vast range of activities each term, enabling pupils to experience a broad range of challenges.

We encourage full participation in any chosen activity and urge pupils to try some of these at least once. A great deal of emphasis is placed on lunchtime and after-school clubs and commitment to extra-curricular activities has an important place alongside study. 

Our extensive extra-curricular programme provides pupils with the opportunity to develop their social skills in teamwork, leadership, critical thinking and confidence. Participation in extra-curricular activities allows pupils the opportunity to experience and explore new interests which they may not ordinarily have had the chance to pursue.  Each year group has the opportunity to experience a number of educational visits.

Fulneck has a very good reputation for its sporting achievements and many of the activities on the extra-curricular programme are sports related. The School takes great pride in offering a broad range of sporting opportunities for all pupils, whatever their aptitudes and abilities. In many of the sporting activities pupils are expected to represent the School at weekend fixtures.  Nearly all the sports on offer at Fulneck are available to both boys and girls, taking advantage of the sporting facilities on offer.  The knowledgeable, driven coaching team, some of whom are recruited externally, work extremely hard with the students to help them to reach their full potential. As a result, Fulneck has a number of students with regional and international honours in their sport.

  • Over 40 extra-curricular activities on offer each term encompassing the domains of Sport, The Arts, Sciences, Language and Literature, Music and many more.
  • All students are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities.
  • Extra-curricular sport is open to all students, some of whom will represent the school teams, and some who will go on to gain regional and international honours.
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