At Fulneck we pride ourselves on the quality of care we provide to each of our students. As an inclusive school we value individuality and work hard to create an environment that is communal and supportive.

Upon entering Senior School, each of our students is assigned to one of three Houses –Asquith, Oastler and Wolstenholme – and they will remain part of that family until they eventually complete their Sixth Form studies and move on to university. Our Houses are organised into vertical tutor groups in order to allow our students to mix with others from different year groups and to ease the transition between different Key Stages, with the older students acting as guides and mentors. Each form will have a dedicated Tutor who your child will remain with for the entire Key Stage and who will be your first point of contact at the school. We believe that a strong home-school partnerships are essential to your child’s development and our Form Tutors play a key role in cementing these relationships.

Throughout your child’s time at Fulneck their development and progress will be overseen by their Head of House, who will liaise between parents, subject teachers and Form Tutors and will provide constant guidance and support. In order to build on successful relationships, siblings and family members will also be placed in the same house groups.

In order to enable your child to thrive we maintain the highest standards of behaviour in the classroom, underpinned by our Behaviour for Learning policy which rewards good choices and encourages them to play an active role in their own education. We also believe in developing individuals who are confident, caring and proactive. Students are encouraged to have a strong voice and shape their own educational experience through a range of leadership opportunities including our Student Council, Ambassadors and Prefect system.

Fulneck students are also encouraged to aim high and to understand the importance of their role in the wider community. We arrange annual team-building residential activities for Year 7 and encourage all of our students to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Awards. In addition, our Aspire residential in Year 10 provides exposure to a range of career opportunities in the fields of business, law, politics, the media and sport, whilst our older students have the opportunity to take part in humanitarian visits to our sister school in India.

Our entire pastoral system underpins the school ethos of Unity, Liberty, Charity and provides each individual with the freedom to thrive within a supportive and caring community. 

The school fulfils its aims of developing young people who have a sense of care, compassion and understanding for others, and of promoting the values of humility, honesty and integrity exceedingly well. ISI Report 2017

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