Vision for 2024

Fulneck School aims to become the leading small independent school in the UK. 

We add value to the lives of our pupils across a range of academic and non-academic pursuits, regardless of prior achievement.

We have an inspirational natural environment utilised imaginatively to develop physical and mental resilience, and a nurturing, warm, family-feel community that prepares pupils for their future lives and careers.

Fulneck pupils are offered a first class start to life which emphasises responsibility for self and others.


Our Ethos

“Work hard”: Fulneck pupils who work hard at all they do to meet our high expectations. We have a broad curriculum that satisfies the needs of all our learners and we promote a love of learning, valuing the process and not just the results.

“Be kind”: Fulneck pupils recognise the importance of compassion, humility and empathy and displays these characteristics in their daily lives.

“Be useful”: our founders believed in moral responsibility and social action. Fulneck pupils know there is more to life than self and continue to make a positive difference to wider society.

“Go well”: Fulneck pupils thrive on a diverse range of activities that develop their character, instil confidence and maintain their physical and mental well-being.


Fulneck's Five Pillars and Aims

Pupil Achievement

  • Forward-thinking academic curriculum that meets the needs of all learners. 

  • Total curriculum that enables pupils to develop the transferable skills needed in their futures.

  • National reputation for supporting additional needs.

Pupils Development and Well-being

  • Mental and physical good health prioritised and proactively managed. 

  • Pupil educated to understand their responsibility for the world around them and equipped to make a difference. 

  • Providing the very best levels of pastoral care for all our pupils.

Staff Development and Well-being

  • A community of life-long learners committed to professional development.

  • A support system that focuses on professional review and development.

  • Structures and resources ensure that appropriate collaboration takes place when planning future work.

Governance and Leadership

  • Demanding that all members of our community strive for excellence.

  • Ensuring that Fulneck School remains excellent value for money.

  • Ensuring that our parental body is fully engaged with the vision of the school and supportive of its ethos

Business Development

  • An inspirational environment, in and outside the classroom, enabling pupils to develop their skills and key characteristics.

  • Modern Boarding House facilities that attract a diverse range of UK and international pupils.

  • Improved means of internal and external communication of the vision, mission and values.

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